Mission Statement

Friends of Belmont Shore is committed to enriching the quality of life in Belmont Shore and surrounding areas through a platform of interests, concerns and advocacy. We strive to fulfill this mission by:

  • Celebrating the unique qualities of the diverse neighborhoods that make the area a great place to live.

  • Creating an environment of civic and social engagement that encourages residents to become active participants in our community.

  • Planning activities and events that bring people together and support projects in the local community.

  • Becoming an information hub for Belmont Shore residents to promote a sense of community and involvement.

  • Advocating projects and programs that serve the community's best interest socially, culturally, economically and environmentally.

  • Working collaboratively with the business community to assure that Belmont Shore and Belmont Park are one of Southern California's premier communities.


Friends of Belmont Shore is a tax exempt organization, but we do not claim a tax deductible status regarding donations to our organization.