What is the elections timeline?

April 4th - May 31st: Applications are available at the monthly member meetings and online. Click here to complete the online application.


June 6th: Annual meeting and voting

When and where will the voting take place?

In person voting will take place at the Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 6th, 2019 6:30-8:00pm at Bay Shore Church, 5100 The Toledo Avenue in Long Beach. Alternatively, members may vote by written ballot mailed to Friends of Belmont Shore, P.O. Box 14553 Long Beach, CA 90853-4453. All ballots must be submitted in person or postmarked by 8:00pm on Thursday, June 6th, 2019.

How do I access a mail-in ballot?

Click here to download and complete a mail-in paper ballot.

Who is eligible to become a director?

Each Qualifying Individual is eligible to become a director. A “Qualifying Individual” is a regular member in good standing. Regular membership is open to individuals whose residence, business or real  property is located within the geographic area bordered as follows: Beginning on Ocean Boulevard, west from 54th Place to Termino Avenue; on Termino Avenue north to Livingston Drive; on Livingston Drive east to Nieto Avenue; on Nieto Avenue north to the southern shore of the Marine Stadium; on the southern shore of the Marine Stadium east to Bayshore Avenue; on Bayshore Avenue south to 54th Place; on 54th Place, south to Ocean Boulevard (see boundary area below).

There is no membership duration requirement for becoming a director. Anyone who becomes a regular member on or before the application deadline on May 31st, 2019 is eligible to run. Click here to join or renew today.


What are the director responsibilities?

The term of office for each director is two years. In any given calendar year, each director will attend at least half the monthly member meetings and half the quarterly Board meetings (5 member meetings and 2 board meetings annually).

Who is eligible to vote?

Each Qualifying Individual (see definition above under “Who is eligible to become a director?”) shall be entitled to one vote. There is no membership duration requirement for voting. Anyone who becomes a regular member on or before June 6th, 2019 is eligible to vote. Click here to join or renew today.

What am I voting on this year?

Members are voting on candidates for open positions on the board. All voting will be by paper ballots which will include the names of the candidates below. There are seven board positions open but only five candidates (listed below), so there are no contested seats. Candidates will be elected for a two-year term.

Mike Crosby: Mike and his wife, Lenore Rozner, have lived in the Belmont Park neighborhood for the past 27 years, where they raised their two children and shepherded them through the local public schools.  Retiring from work as a corporate project manager, Mike served as the “stay-at-home Dad” during those school years, until both children were in college.  He subsequently started a consulting business as The College Admissions Coach, assisting local families in navigating the college applications process.  He has served as Financial Secretary for both the Lowell and Rogers PTAs, and assisted the Wilson High baseball and soccer programs for many years with their parent group “accounting” needs.  Mike attended Long Beach State on a baseball scholarship, graduating with a degree in Sociology.

Maria Hanson: Maria is a retired public school teacher with a Master’s in education. She has been a Belmont Shore resident since 1996, owns property in the Shore and is currently a casework volunteer with the American Red Cross and a volunteer in pastoral care at church. Maria is a grandmother of four, a former board member of Friends of the Library and a former member of her church board. She is a Spanish speaker and lifelong resident of the Los Angeles area.

Matt Jackson

Barbara (“BJ”) Newell: Unlike most of their colleagues, Barbara “BJ” Newell and her husband David are newbies to Belmont Shore. She didn’t discover Belmont Shore until her college days at UCLA and fell in love with it. BJ lived in the Heights for a year before she and David — then living in Seal Beach —  married.  They promised themselves they would return to the beach one day, which they did in 2003, after raising their three amazing daughters in Whittier. They have been “living the dream” ever since.  Professionally, BJ was a high school English teacher at Bell Gardens High for 22 years. Besides being a part of Friends of Belmont Shore, she has done volunteer work at LB Rescue Mission, and tutors at Lowell Elementary and SATO High School. 

Kurt Schneiter: Kurt has lived in Belmont Shore and the heights since 1989 where he and Jennifer have been raising four daughters.  Schneiter had spent 12 years on the Parking Commission and is proud of the changes that occurred during his 12 years, including but not limited to: count down meters, rebuilding the alleys and adding over 20 parking spaces in the retail district.  Kurt currently develops, renovates and purchases commercial real estate throughout the United States.  

Why is it important for me to attend the annual meeting?

This is your opportunity to choose who will sit on the Friends of Belmont Shore Board of Directors and the election will be valid only if a quorum is present (at least 28 members)