At its meeting on July 10, 2018, the Board of Directors of Friends of Belmont Shore elected new officers. Click here for additional information.


Letter from Dick Gaylord


There is no meeting in July

We will sponsor the Jumping Jack Flash Concert in the Park August 9

Dear Neighbor:

For the past three years it has been my privilege to serve as president of Friends of Belmont Shore. It began as a one year commitment and extended to three years. While I have enjoyed every minute as your president, and will continue to serve on the board, it is time to pass the gavel; we have several well qualified board members who will make an excellent president. I moved to Belmont Shore more than 40 years ago because of our closeness to the Ocean and because of 2nd Street but I quickly learned I loved Belmont Shore because of its residents. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve our unique neighborhood.

At our June 7 meeting seven new board members were elected. Congratulations to Angie Degen, Howard Homan, David (Coach) Newell, Phyllis Schmidt, Bitta Sharma, Cate Swigart and David Witzling. They will each contribute to our association and I look forward to working with them.

Our June 7 meeting was packed with great speakers, great information and a celebration of our 3rd Anniversary. I would be remiss if I did not thank the folks who have been so helpful to our organization from the day we began three years ago. In particular I want to thank Mayor Robert Garcia, Councilwoman Suzie Price, City Manager Pat West, Assistant City Manager Tom Modica, Robert Luna, our Chief of Police, Mike DuRee, our Fire Chief, Charlie Parkin, our City Attorney, Doug Haubert, City Prosecutor, Erik Herzog, Police Commander and Doug Otto, our advisor.

Five members were honored at our June 7 meeting with the President’s Award for contributions and leadership beyond the call of duty. Congratulations to Bobby Bluehouse, Mike Crosby, Maria Molak, Kurt Schneiter and Bitta Sharma.

Here is the schedule for our next meetings:

  • July – Dark
  • August – Friends of Belmont Shore Concert in the Park, August 9
  • September 6 – John Kreisler, Director, Long Economic & Property Development Department
  • October 4 – Laura Doud, City Auditor
  • November 1 – “What Should Belmont Shore Look Like in the Future” – Doug Otto, Facilitator
  • December 6 – Councilwoman Suzie Price – “The Year in Review”

If you are not a member you can join here. Dues are $15 through the end of 2018. Friends of Belmont Shore is a membership organization dedicated to the quality of life in our unique beachside community.

We look forward to seeing you at the Concert on August 9.


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Friends of Belmont Shore Honors Members

Five members of Friends of Belmont Shore were honored at the organization’s June 7th meeting with the President’s Award for Outstanding Contributions and Leadership.



President Dick Gaylord first recognized husband and wife team Bobby Bluehouse and Maria Molak for their tremendous contributions. Maria has done fabulous work chairing our membership committee, setting up each meeting and organizing a welcoming committee. We're so lucky to have band leader, expert sound technician and event promoter Bobby, who updated the organization’s sound system, helped with set-up and handled promotion and public displays for our meetings.

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Mike Crosby was honored for conducting a complete audit of the organization’s books from the date of its formation. Mike has gone beyond the call of duty by also handling insurance, producing policies to keep the organization running smoothly and being available for consultation on matters affecting the organization.



Kurt Schneiter was recognized for generously sponsoring Friends of Belmont Shore in the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade for two years in a row and for underwriting and sponsoring  fundraising events for the organization in 2017 and 2018. In addition, he was commended for being a special advisor to the President on matters affecting the residents of Belmont Shore.



Bitta Jansma Sharma was recognized for taking over the Friends of Belmont Shore website, completing the organization’s online membership database, producing the monthly newsletter, assisting in a membership drive and handling member surveys. In addition, she was honored for advising the association on legal and other matters.

Honorary Members

At its June 7, 2018 meeting Friends of Belmont Shore voted unanimously to name its first three Honorary Members: Mayor Robert Garcia, Councilwoman Suzie Price and Assistant City Manager Tom Modica. Each was recognized for their contribution to the City and support of Friends of Belmont Shore. Mayor Garcia, Councilwoman Price and Mr. Modica have spoken at the General Membership Meeting many times and have provided the organization with answers and updates on issues and matters affects Belmont Shore and Belmont Park.